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LG webOS Firmware Documentation

How can I update the firmware of a LG webOS system?

  1. Check here if your webOS screen is supported by ZetaDisplay.
  2. Check this page to see if any firmware is available and download it.
  3. Move the downloaded file to the "LG_MONITOR" folder on a USB flash drive. The file name on the USB looks like this: \ LG_MONITOR \ <firmware> .epk
  4. Turn off your screen. Insert the USB stick into your webOS screen and turn your screen back on.
  5. The update screen will start automatically. Press OK to start the update.
  6. When the installation is complete, the webOS screen will indicate that there is "no signal input". Turn off the webOS screen, remove the USB stick and turn the screen on again.
  7. Find and run the installation manual for your screen.

Firmware per webOS version/ model:

webOS 4.0

Models: SM5E / SK5KE / UH5E

webOS 4.1

Model: WP400/ WP401 Media Player (insert the USB in the media player, not in the monitor)

webOS 3.2

Model: SM5KD

webOS 3.0

Models: SM3C + SM5C + SM5KC + 49/55/65 UH5C + 75XS2C

Model: XS2E

webOS 2.0

Models: SM5B + SM5KB + 55/65 UH5B

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